Priyamka’s Analysis: Event at Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice

On Sunday, 18 November 2018, charity event held at the at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice, was organized by volunteers of YUVA of different ages and from different background. This event consisted of serving lunch to at least 100 senior citizens residing at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice. It was my first outdoor activity as a LSC Student and it provided a nice opportunity to strengthen the values and principles, that YUVA represents, in real life situations.

The main goal of this event was to spend time with the resident who often feel left alone and abandoned due to their old age and to give back to the community. Since people from different backgrounds and age-groups came together for a single purpose, a variety of ideas were proposed. Everyone was enthusiastic to give a helping hand and to create a difference in the lives of these 100 senior citizens. Preparing and serving lunch to 100 senior citizens as well as he volunteers of YUVA required a lot of planning of several weeks. Though the volunteers met with some drawbacks, the event was a huge success and we accomplished the goal we had set. Regardless of the age difference, the volunteers and the residents formed a bond through communication and community games such as dominoes and card. Everyone has something to contribute and share. The personnel of the old-aged Home welcomed us warmly and even provided a helping hand where needed. This event was an amazing experience to both volunteers and residents who shared the personal experiences with us, sang for us and enjoyed the different activities organised. Seeing them enjoy their time with us provided a sense of contentment as well as relief. This culture of philanthropy inspired many people, including myself, to give back as much as we can to the community and to the less privileged individuals. An act of kindness on our part can become a greater joy in the lives of other people.

Nonetheless, we encountered some problems during this event. Only a small number of Volunteers participated in this event. There was also a lack of communication between the volunteers from LSC 1 and LSC 2. The instructions provided proved to be irrelevant as volunteers had to come up of handling their designated tasks. Fortunately, since the volunteers were extremely motivated and engaged, the lack of communication was easily handled, allowing them to complete their assigned tasks successfully and lunch was served to everyone without any delay.

YUVA is on the path of setting a good example the youths of Today. Such events promote the image as well as the values that YUVA preaches, hence encouraging youngsters to join Non-Governmental Organisations where they get an opportunity to fight for various good causes as well as bring a difference in the community they live. Events such as these seek to promote the image of YUVA, thus allowing people to discover the different aims, goals and vision, YUVA has set and to motivate youngsters to join our organisation. I would encourage anyone or any organisation, engaged in volunteering to visit the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice. It is situated at Pamplemousses, near the SSR Pamplemousses Botanical Garden.

These couple of hours spent at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice helped me thinking about life and the different individuals living in the society. We are lucky to possess the different things we need, however, if we do not know the value of love and of having been loved, then we have not lived at all. We must strive to perform good actions every day without expecting any reward. Even a smile can mean the world to someone.

Student of Certificate II in LSC
School of Leadership & Development

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