Certificate II in Leadership for Social Change

Duration: 12 hours (1 month)

Schedule: 4 x Sundays, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
Course fee: Only Rs 3,500 
Eligibility: The applicant must have completed YUVA Academy's
Certificate I in Leadership for Social Change.
Partners: YUVA Academy & Stephen Business School

Accreditation: MQA-Approved and HRDC-Refunded

Venue: YUVA Academy, Jade Court, Jummah Mosque Street, Port Louis, 11602

Strong leadership is regarded as one of the best predictors of organisational success and critical human capital required for career progression in almost every organisation. However, leadership is also a highly complex and often misunderstood phenomenon. It’s hard to define, but we all know good and bad leadership when we see it.

In this program, you will learn the difference between leadership and management, the importance of understanding others and building empathy and relationships, and gain a better understanding of the different leadership styles you may encounter throughout your career.

Learn through a series of engaging videos, interviews, case studies, quizzes, written reflections, peer feedback, and other self-insight activities. Our instructors and faculty will help you identify your own values and philosophies as a leader, and most importantly, build your self-efficacy, your confidence and belief in your own ability to achieve intended results.


This course aims to provide the learner knowledge to equip them to become effective leaders, particularly in the business environment but which can be applicable across other sectors; and the tools for developing the skills to implement successful leadership practices.

Learners who complete this course will be able to:

  1. Identify, compare and contrast leadership models.
  2. Analyse the relationship between power and leadership and how to influence others.
  3. Appreciate the role that ethics and values play in leadership
  4. Appraise how to become a credible leader and business steward.
  5. Identify the importance of followership and diversity for leader outcomes.
  6. Develop a Leadership Development Plan (LDP).


Module1: What is Leadership?

Module 1 focuses on what is meant by leadership and how we have come to identify what it comprises.

Module 2: Leadership Styles (The History of Leadership)

Module 2 examines the history of leadership through exploring leadership theories.

Module 3: Power and Leadership

Module 3 examines the relationship between power and leadership.

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence (Social Capital)

Module 4 considers the emotional and social intelligence of leadership.

Module 5: Believing in Something

Module 5 focuses on the beliefs and values required to becoming an effective leader.

Module 6: Honesty, Integrity and Ethics

Module 6 considers leadership morals and values in relation to ethics and integrity.

Module 7: Know Thyself

Module 7 enables you to explore your own self in relation to becoming an effective leader.

Module 8: Knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligence

Module 8 considers the critical skills required in building leadership credibility and trust.

Module 9: Diversity in Leadership

Module 9 examines the key leadership skill of managing equity and inclusion within an ever increasingly diverse environment.

Module 10: The Role of the Steward

Module 10 considers the role of stewardship in effective leadership.


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