Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan on “Architecture and Leadership” at YALES 2018

At the YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2018, Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan talked on “Should architecture be an important component of a leader while he/she is designing strategies?”. About Maria Sabeera Abdullakhan Sabeera is the Administrative and Design Assistant at T SQUARE Ltd Architects. With 3 years of professional experience, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. While at University I was Secretary for SPACE (Student Platform for Architecture, Read more

Priyamka’s Analysis: Event at Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice

On Sunday, 18 November 2018, charity event held at the at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice, was organized by volunteers of YUVA of different ages and from different background. This event consisted of serving lunch to at least 100 senior citizens residing at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice. It was my first outdoor activity as a LSC Student and it provided a nice opportunity to strengthen the values and principles, that YUVA Read more

Zaahirah’s Analysis: Event at Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice

The simplest way to serve someone is to show them love, giving your time and offering encouragement to people who are in need. This is the most valuable gift we could have given to our senior citizens. On 18 November 2018, YUVA academy hosted a lunch for the 100 elders at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice at Pamplemousses. Together with our family members, staff and YUVA volunteers, we honoured our elders as the wise Read more

Tanweer’s Analysis: Event at Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice

18 November 2018 marks the day when lunch was served to around 100 senior citizens, residing at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospice. The visit epitomises the values of YUVA where volunteers and students of the YUVA Academy were brought together to engage in social work and community service. The lunch mobilised individuals from different communities and age groups, embodying unique values and visions, to serve the same purpose: to give back to society. Read more